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AIC Research Group

AIC Interests

This cloud represents some of the shared interests of members in the AIC Group.

agent-based computing agents algorithmic game theory artificial intelligence computational chemistry computational economics computational finance crowdsourcing design evolution evolutionary biology evolutionary game theory game theory hci human computer interaction intelligent agents interaction design interactive visualisation internet economics internet of things kettlebells latex learning levels of selection linux machine learning major evolutionary transitions mathematical modelling mdps mechanism design medicinal chemistry meta methods microbial communities mobile computing model-building optimisation modularity molecular biology molecular computing multi-agent systems multi-agent systems. multi-armed bandits multi-objective optimisation nano-robotics network science networks neural networks neurology niche construction non-linearity non-monetary incentives normative systems numerical modelling nutrition optimisation pareto coevolution photography population genetics privacy proton dynamics reading reinforcement learning research methods robot structure robotics robots in experimental biology sci-fi series self-assembly self-organisation semi-biotic systems sequential decision making service-oriented computing sexual recombination signal processing smart energy systems smart grid smart heating social biology social evolution social niche construction socio-economic systems space spatial networks sponsored search surface charging sustainability sustainable energy sustainable hci swarm robotics swarms robotics symbiosis synchronisation system science tangible user interfaces thermal comfort trust ubicomp ubiquitous computing user experience wellbeing wireless sensor networks