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Recent AIC publications

Average-case approximation ratio of scheduling without payments - Jie Zhang
Type: Article | 2021
Responsibility ascription in trustworthy autonomous systems - Vahid Yazdanpanah, Enrico H. Gerding, Sebastian Stein, Mehdi Dastani, Catholijn M. Jonker, Timothy J. Norman and Sarvapali D. Ramchurn
Type: Conference or Workshop Item | 2021
NN-SAR: A Neural Network Approach for Spatial AutoRegression - Pranita Dewan, Raghu Ganti, Mudhakar Srivatsa and Sebastian Stein
Type: Conference or Workshop Item | 2019 | IEEE | Item not available on this server.
Mechanism design for efficient allocation of electric vehicles to charging stations - Emmanouil S. Rigas, Enrico Gerding, Sebastian Stein, Sarvapali D. Ramchurn and Nick Bassiliades
Type: Conference or Workshop Item | 2020
Evaluation of a multi-speaker system for socially assistive HRI in real scenarios - Antonio Martínez-Colón, Raquel Viciana-Abad, Jose Manuel Perez-Lorenzo, Christine Evers and Patrick A. Naylor
Type: Conference or Workshop Item | 2021 | Springer | Item not available on this server.