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Chang, Kai, De Planque, Maurits and Zauner, Klaus-Peter (2016) Fabricating millifluidic reaction-diffusion devices: droplet-in-oil networks structured by laser cutting At IEEE Symposium on Foundations of Computational Intelligence (FOCI), Greece. 06 - 09 Dec 2016. 7 pp.

Baarslag, Tim, Alan, Alper, Gomer, Richard, Muddasser, Alam, Charith, Perera, Gerding, Enrico and Schraefel, m.c. (2017) Meaningful Consent Study 2 Dataset University of Southampton doi:10.5258/SOTON/405394 [Dataset]

Baaslag, tim, alper, alan, Gomer, Richard, Alam, Muddasser, charith, perera, Gerding, Enrico and schraefel, m.c. (2017) An Automated Negotiation Agent for Permission Management At AAMAS 2017: 16th International Conference on Autonomous Agents and Multiagent Systems.

Snow, Stephen, Auffenberg, Frederik and Schraefel, m.c. (2016) Log it while it’s hot: designing human interaction with smart thermostats for shared work environments At CHI 2017, United States. 06 - 11 May 2017. 12 pp. (doi:10.1145/3025453.3025578).

Snow, Stephen, Vyas, Dhaval and Brereton, Margot (2016) Sharing, saving, living well on less: supporting social connectedness to mitigate financial hardship International Journal of Human-Computer Interaction, pp. 1-12. (doi:10.1080/10447318.2016.1243846).

Jay, Kenneth, Brandt, Mikkel, Jakobsen, Markus Due, Sundstrup, Emil, Berthelsen, Kasper Gymoese, schraefel, m.c., Sj{\o}gaard, Gisela and Andersen, Lars L (2016) Ten weeks of physical-cognitive-mindfulness training reduces fear-avoidance beliefs about work-related activity: Randomized controlled trial Medicine, 95, (34), e3945.

Jay, Kenneth, Brandt, Mikkel, Hansen, Klaus, Sundstrup, Emil, Jakobsen, Markus D, schraefel, m.c., Sjogaard, Gisela and Andersen, Lars L (2015) Effect of Individually Tailored Biopsychosocial Workplace Interventions on Chronic Musculoskeletal Pain and Stress Among Laboratory Technicians: Randomized Controlled Trial. Pain physician, 18, (5), pp. 459-71.

Choe, Eun Kyoung, Lee, Bongshin and schraefel, m.c. (2015) Revealing Visualization Insights from Quantified-Selfers' Personal Data Presentations. IEEE computer graphics and applications

Jay, Kenneth, Brandt, Mikkel, Sundstrup, Emil, schraefel, m.c., Jakobsen, Markus D, Sj{\o}gaard, Gisela and Andersen, Lars L (2014) {Effect of individually tailored biopsychosocial workplace interventions on chronic musculoskeletal pain, stress and work ability among laboratory technicians: randomized controlled trial protocol.} BMC Musculoskeletal Disorders, 15, (1), p. 444.

Jay, Kenneth, Brandt, Mikkel, schraefel, m.c., Jakobsen, Markus Due, Sundstrup, Emil, Sj{\o}gaard, Gisela, Vinstrup, Jonas and Andersen, Lars L (2016) {Neurocognitive performance and physical function do not change with physical-cognitive-mindfulness training in female laboratory technicians with chronic musculoskeletal pain: Randomized controlled trial.} Medicine, 95, (50), e5554.