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Published: 21 March 2017

Staff and students from Electronics and Computer Science often feature in the news for their research, achievements and expert opinion. Here are some you may have seen:

Life may be getting better at evolving

Research from Dr Richard Watson, an associate professor in the Agents, Interaction and Complexity research group, has been featured on BBC Earth. The article considers Richard’s work on “evolvability” – a trait that could help could help explain why animals are so good at evolving.

Richard’s research has also featured in New Scientist and he is contributing to the world’s largest project to expand and update our understanding of evolutionary biology.

Engineering does not need ‘dumbing down’ to become attractive to girls.

Student Emma Curati-Alasonatti has been featured in The Manufacturer, reflecting on her experiences as an engineer. The article calls for inspiring role models for women and girls, to provide a clear vision of their potential future and better awareness of engineering. Emma is in the final year of an MEng Electronic Engineering degree and joins ARM this summer. The article was written while she held a UKESF scholarship.

Smart clothing that interacts with urban environments

Professor Steve Beeby from the Electronics and Electrical Engineering research group it lead a new project, featured in The Engineer, which could allow wearers of smart clothing to become mobile sensors, improving pollution and traffic monitoring within cities, and helping to coordinate evacuations during major incidents or disasters.

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