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21 March 2017

ECS in the news

Staff and students from Electronics and Computer Science often feature in the news for their research, achievements and expert opinion. Here are some you may have seen:

Professor Vladimiro Sassone
05 December 2016

Southampton Scientific Leader innovates secure information sharing for private clouds

Fresh scientific direction from a Southampton cyber expert is advancing secure cloud computing solutions for the public sector in an EU research and innovation programme

The Chariot kit and data trail
01 December 2016

‘CharIoT’ on course to deliver healthier homes and lower energy bills

Successful trials of Chariot, a unique new system that simultaneously records temperature, humidity and energy use in the home, have opened the way for low-income households to save money while reducing risks to their health.

The HAC-ER system in action
28 November 2016

Developing software to aid disaster management

Web and Internet Science (WAIS) researchers from the University of Southampton have been involved in developing essential provenance software for the award-winning ORCHID project.

The Mountbatten Building - home to the University's cleanroom complex
02 November 2016

Southampton on the rise amongst Best Global Universities

We're in the top 100 amongst the Best Global Universities for 2017

Professor Vladimiro Sassone, Director of the University of Southampton's Cyber Security Academy
18 October 2016

Pioneering research into global cyber threats to be led by Southampton Research Chair

The growing cyber security threat posed by the increasing interconnectivity of smart devices is to be examined by a new Research Chair based at the University of Southampton.

15 September 2016

Southampton to help develop software which could transform ship maintenance

Researchers from the University of Southampton are to develop software that can monitor the equipment, fuel and energy performance of a ship at sea.

Dr Ramchurn and the ORCHID team
15 September 2016

ORCHID recognised for major collaboration

The ORCHID project, a major research project involving the University of Southampton, took top prize in the data and connectivity category at the Collaborate to Innovate Awards this week.

Dr Gopal Ramchurn
12 August 2016

The optimised 2016/17 fantasy football squad selected by computer science

Dr Sarvapali (Gopal) Ramchurn, a seasoned fantasy football competitor discusses his system for getting a team into the top 1% of the field

A Southampton unmanned aerial vehicle
11 July 2016

World-leading aerospace expertise showcased at Farnborough International Airshow

Southampton to showcase world-leading aerospace research and expertise at Farnborough International Airshow

06 June 2016

ECS success at AAMAS 2016

A Southampton team from ECS has won the 'Best Innovative Applications Paper' award at this year’s AAMAS conference.

Image of Dr Richard Watson
08 April 2016

World’s largest project to expand our understanding of evolution

An ECS academic will participate in the world’s largest project to expand and update our understanding of evolutionary biology.

23 March 2016

Is evolution more intelligent than we thought?

Evolution may be more intelligent than we thought, according to Professor Richard Watson of ECS

One of the smart thermostat designs running on a tablet
05 February 2016

Smart thermostat puts energy money saving at household fingertips

Researchers from ECS are working on a ‘smart’ thermostat to help UK households save money on their energy bills

Professor Nick Jennings
23 December 2015

University of Southampton Professor receives New Year Honour

Nick Jennings, Professor of Computer Science at the University of Southampton, has been made Companion of the Order of the Bath in the Queen’s New Year Honours List for his services to computer science and national security science.

21 December 2015

Southampton links with Singapore to address cyber threats

The University of Southampton is to work closely with Nanyang Technological University (NTU) in Singapore to develop cybersecurity solutions for smart traffic control systems.

Professor Richard Watson
18 December 2015

Is evolution more intelligent than we thought?

Evolution may be more intelligent than we thought, according to Professor Richard Watson of ECS.

L-R: David Cole, Managing Director Roke Manor Research; Libby Stockel, Programme Manager Dstl; Professor Sir Christopher Snowden, Vice-Chancellor of University of Southampton; and Dr Andrew Tyler, Chief Executive UK and Europe, Northrop Grumman
09 November 2015

University of Southampton launches new Academy to meet society’s cyber security challenge

The University of Southampton is launching a Cyber Security Academy to help make government, businesses and consumers more resilient to cyber-attack.

22 September 2015

The web has become a hall of mirrors, filled only with reflections of our data

Professor mc schraefel writes for The Conversation about Facebook’s new intelligent assistant, M, and how such services could be shrinking our online options

09 September 2015

Making IoT configuration more secure and easy-to-use

Researchers from the University of Southampton have identified easy-to-use techniques to configure IoT objects

01 September 2015

ORCHID Showcase: Re-inventing our relationship with computers

University of Southampton researchers are at the forefront of a new science that is finding ways in which computers can work intelligently in partnership with people.

02 July 2015

GCHQ Certifies Master's Degree in Cyber Security

Southampton’s MSc in Cyber Security is one of just six UK university degree programmes to receive certified status by GCHQ in 2015.

AETHER: Southampton's low-cost persistent stare unmanned UAV
29 June 2015

Southampton to provide major boost to UK robotics and autonomous systems capability

The University of Southampton is to play a major role in helping to boost the UK’s ability to develop and exploit the vast potential of robotics and autonomous systems.

08 June 2015

Engineering the future: Southampton Regius Lecture 2015

The University of Southampton’s world-leading achievements in autonomous systems and artificial intelligence will be celebrated at a special event in London this week to mark the inaugural lecture of Professor Nick Jennings, who has been awarded a Regius Professorship in Computer Science.

14 April 2015

Regius Professor Nick Jennings to head up Electronics and Computer Science

Regius Professor Nick Jennings has been selected to advance the world-leading teaching and research of Electronics and Computer Science (ECS) at the University of Southampton.

30 January 2015

Southampton smart energy spin-out acquired by Quby

Joulo, a spin-out from the University of Southampton, has been acquired by Quby, Europe’s leading developer of smart thermostats and energy displays.

18 December 2014

REF2014: World-leading research in Electronics and Computer Science

The University of Southampton has come out top in the UK for Electrical and Electronic Engineering in the latest Research Excellence Framework (REF) results.

Professor m.c. schraefel
13 November 2014

goFIT challenge gets clean bill of health

The University of Southampton’s goFIT activity and movement challenge has been recognised as an example of best practice by the European Network of Academic Sport Services (ENAS).

Zoltán Beck
30 October 2014

World 3rd for ECS Student in International Microelectronics Competition

A University of Southampton student has achieved third place – and best in the UK – in the ninth annual International Microelectronics Olympiad.

03 September 2014

Research finds crowdsourcing is vulnerable to malicious behaviour

New research has found that malicious behaviour is the norm in crowdsourcing competitions — even when it is in everyone’s interest to cooperate.

08 August 2014

Shut that door: Energy and cost saving in the UK’s non-domestic buildings

Southampton researchers are aiming to improve energy efficiency, cut costs and reduce carbon emissions in the country’s non-domestic buildings.

18 July 2014

Southampton researchers develop a Wikipedia of fact-checking during natural disasters

Researchers from the University of Southampton have helped to develop a new web application for gathering evidence during natural disasters, which will enable more effective emergency response.

Professor Nick Jennings
27 March 2014

University of Southampton announces UK’s first Regius Professorship in Computer Science

The University of Southampton is pleased to announce that Nick Jennings, Professor of Computer Science and a Chief Scientific Advisor to the UK Government, has been appointed as its first Regius Professor in Computer Science.

Dr. Long Tran-Thanh
17 March 2014

ECS Computer Scientist Takes his Research to Parliament

Dr. Long Tran-Thanh, 30, a research fellow at University of Southampton, hailing from Hue, Vietnam (but grew up in Budapest, Hungary), is attending Parliament to present his science to a range of politicians and a panel of expert judges, as part of SET for Britain on Monday 17 March.

The Earth, photographed by the crew of Apollo 17
27 November 2013

A scientific and technical challenge we must accept

‘Choose the Earth’, is the message of James Dyke’s latest headline article in The Conversation, ‘not because it is easy, but because it is hard.’

Long Tran-Thanh explaining his computer model
05 November 2013

Triple win for University of Southampton research group

A University of Southampton student has received national recognition from the British Computer Society (BCS) for his research into multi agent systems. This is the third student from the university’s Agents, Interaction and Complexity (AIC) research group to win a Council of Professors and Heads of Computing (CPHC) award for his thesis, in conjunction with the BCS.

26 September 2013

Lecturer warns of taking species for granted in 'The Conversation'

An article on the value of wasps by Dr James Dyke, Lecturer in Complex Systems Simulation, and a members of the Agents, Interaction and Complexity research group in ECS, appears in today’s edition of The Conversation, a new online news source from UK universities.

23 July 2013

International award for tackling energy poverty in remote communities

Muddasser Alam from the Agents, Interaction, and Complexity Group received an award at the recent Autonomous Agents and Multi-agent Systems (AAMAS) conference, in Saint Paul, Minnesota, USA, for his paper Cooperative Energy Exchange for the Efficient Use of Energy and Resources in Remote Communities.

Our blue Earth
10 June 2013

New study proposes solution to long-running debate as to how stable the Earth system is

Has life on Earth simply been lucky in withstanding events or are there any self-stabilising processes operating in the Earth system that would reduce the severity of such perturbations?...

The New Forest Cicada (Cicadetta montana)
03 June 2013

Researchers develop smartphone app to help search for the rare New Forest cicada

Researchers from Electronics and Computer Science have released a smartphone app designed to help in the search for a rare cicada found only in the New Forest National Park.

14 November 2012

13 November 2012
BBC Nature

A PhD researcher from the University of Southampton’s Institute of Complex Systems Simulation (ICSS) in ECS has been featured in a BBC story looking at a potential major flamingo breeding event in Tanzania.

Sarah Ward is studying the relationship between East African lakes and lesser flamingo populations, and is based at ICSS and the University’s Geography division.

Her expert opinion is featured in a BBC news story commenting on early reports that hundreds of thousands of flamingos are gathering at Lake Natron, in Tanzania, making it potentially the most significant breeding event since 2007.
Read the full story

09 November 2012

Smartphone app could discover endangered insect

ECS researchers are developing a smartphone app that will be able to help conservationists discover if a highly endangered insect has become extinct or not.

Professor Nick Jennings explains the smart energy display
08 November 2012

Smart software: How it can change our energy habits

‘Energy avatars’ in our homes that could advise us on how best to use our energy, and even prompt us on changing appliances to gain better cost savings, are part of the future of energy use described by Professor Nick Jennings in a new video on the BBC website.

26 October 2012

Making crowdsourcing more reliable

Researchers from Electronics and Computer Science (ECS) at the University of Southampton are designing incentives for collection and verification of information to make crowdsourcing more reliable.

25 July 2012

Promoting virtual power plants for efficient renewable energy production

Researchers at ECS-Electronics and Computer Science have devised a novel method for forming virtual power plants to provide renewable energy production in the UK.

Professor Nick Jennings
24 July 2012

Disaster drones: How robot teams can help in a crisis

Research on drone technology and disaster management led by Professor Nick Jennings and highlighted by the BBC could prove vital in improving the response of emergency services and populations to disaster management.

18 April 2012

Researchers attempt (and win!) an 'impossible challenge'

A group of computer scientists from the UAE, US and UK have won a seemingly impossible worldwide challenge: to track down five ‘suspects’ of a jewel heist in five different cities within 12 hours. Their win redefines the limits of technology-mediated social mobilization and rapid information gathering.

31 January 2012

Crowdsourcing experts team up to accelerate cardiac response

Researchers from the University of Southampton will be collaborating with scientists from Masdar Institute, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), and the University of California, San Diego (UCSD) to tackle the MyHeartMap Challenge, using social network and crowdsourcing.

 The CollabMap website
16 December 2011

CollabMap crowdsourcing software for evacuation plans

Researchers in ECS-Electronics and Computer Science at the University of Southampton have launched new software which allows organisations to develop evacuation plans using a combination of crowdsourcing and computer simulations.

12 December 2011

How many quiz contestants does it take to save a lightbulb?!

An energy quiz which tests people's knowledge of the amount of energy used by devices and processes, such as lights on the Christmas tree, has been developed by researchers in ECS-Electronics and Computer Science, at the University of Southampton.

05 December 2011

Slime-mould robot glides through a world of change and decay

A working robot controlled by a slime mould, and designed and built in ECS-Electronics and Computer Science at the University of Southampton, will play a starring role in a major BBC4/Discovery Channel series to be aired from tomorrow (Tuesday 6 December).

14 November 2011

ORCHID contends for TechWorld University Excellence title

Researchers from the ORCHID project will present their work on the use of computerised agents for home energy management and disaster responses this week at TechWorld, the UK's leading technology event.

30 September 2011

Silicon Valley comes to the UK (AND Southampton) - come to the appathon!

The University of Southampton is one of six universities in the UK which will be hosting this year's 'Silicon Valley comes to the UK' appathon event.

09 August 2011

New way to manage energy in the smart grid

Researchers at ECS-Electronics and Computer Science have developed a mechanism which uses smart computerised agents to control energy storage devices in the home, resulting in energy savings of up to 16 per cent.

28 July 2011

It’s official - computerised agents do it better!

Robot trading agents, which already dominate the foreign exchange markets, have now been definitively shown to beat human traders at the same game.